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Before she stuck out her tongue all the time, got divorced from Liam Hemsworth, and seemed to change her hairstyle every day, Miley Cyrus starred on the sweet show Hannah Montana. The actress looks back happily on those days and since it was so popular, fans are always wondering if a reboot is going to happen. It's been a while since the series finale aired in 2011, but many people would ... Disney has become a springboard for some of Hollywood's best-known talent, with shows like 'Hannah Montana' and original movies including 'Camp Rock' helping to launch successful careers. Of ... 'Hannah Montana' Fan Finds Major Plot Hole. In a viral TikTok video a fan points out that the hit Disney Channel series starring Miley Cyrus has a plot hole that reveals the teen pop star's identity. The Sound Of Success For New York’s Top Hitmaker!! He’s the man behind some of the world’s top movie and TV soundtracks – including Alvin And The Chipmunks, Zombies, Descendants 3, Hannah Montana and Pitch Perfect. Now, New York hitmaker Ali Dee has been recognized as the #3 most successful Box Office Executive Music Producers in the world. Hannah Montana Forever - Ordinary Girl FULL STUDIO VERSION With Lyrics On - Screen (HQ) My Fun. ... Trump says he doesn't know if Kim Jong Un is sick but wishes him well. Subscribe to support us. Breaking Hot News. ... About Us What’s New Help Center Jobs API Become a Partner. All of us know who Miley Cyrus is. She was the star of Disney Channel’s Hannah Montana.She’s released banger after banger in her 10 years in the music industry. High quality Hannah Montana gifts and merchandise. Inspired designs on t-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more by independent artists and designers from around the world. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours. Actor Hannah Montana: The Movie Billy Ray Cyrus was born on August 25, 1961 in Flatwoods, Kentucky, USA as William Ray Cyrus. He is an actor, known for Hannah Montana: The Movie (2009), Mulholland Dr. (2001) and Hannah Montana (2006). He has been married to Tish Cyrus since December 28, 1993. They have five children. He was ... hannah montana, miley cyrus, hannah montana forever, miley, cyrus, she is coming, billy ray cyrus, slide away, miley stewart, oliver, lily, jackson, rico s surf shop, miley cyrus, mothers daughter, miley cyrus and her dead petz, vintage, miley cyrus and her dead pets, meet miley cyrus, breakout, can t be tamed, hannah montana Hannah Montana - 104 - I Can't Make You Love Hannah If You Don't. Report. Browse more videos. Playing next. 19:17 ...

I'm (F18) pretty sure I'm a lesbian despite having only been with men. Oh, and I have a boyfriend 🙃

2020.08.24 08:26 _TheGayWitch_ I'm (F18) pretty sure I'm a lesbian despite having only been with men. Oh, and I have a boyfriend 🙃

Hey guys! Uhmm...I have no clue how to start this off, so I guess this is the starter. Oh well.
I (F18) have always liked women. I didn't realize it when I was younger, but Shego from Kim Possible? •chiefs kiss•. Her and Hannah Montana were definitely my first crushes. Anyways, I first started to actually realize my attraction towards women in highschool, where I came out as bisexual, and then later pansexual. Despite my attraction though, I only dated guys due to it being a small town in little old Indiana, so I didn't exactly have many options.
I started dating this guy (M18) and it's been on and off with him since sophomore year. It's now getting close to three years with him (if we look over our breakups), and I have a feeling that we're going to be breaking up again fairly soon, and this time for good. As in, when I visit him I know I'm talking to him before I leave, and that's in about two weeks.
Reason why I mention that part is because I have started to notice women a lot more despite him being my partner. And I mean a LOT more. It's been like this since the beginning of the year, before that even, and it just hasn't gone away. It went from staring at cute girls online to wanting to be in a relationship with them; whether it be romantic, intimate, or both. Preferably both. See how the boyfriend of three years is an issue now?
When we first started off, we were great. Very intimate, very close, very...I don't know. We were like the classic high school couple who couldn't be separated. Sure, then I had a few girls I thought were cute as hell, but I never thought much of it because of my boyfriend. But now time has passed, and I'm across the country from him, having just moved to California recently. Even before I moved, I could notice a change. I started looking at women more, and him less. Our intimacy in the bedroom was far less frequent, and I didn't really like doing much with him. Kissing is all I could really bring myself to do, otherwise he kind of did the work, and even that didn't feel right with me. We cuddled less, we didn't have our deep conversations anymore. There was this odd gap between us that I could feel, but he never seemed to pick up on. And if he did sense it, he wasn't upset with anything it caused. Well, minus the sexual stuff, I can't exactly blame him there.
But over that time and with me being across the country by god, am I looking at things differently. If a woman so much as looks at me the right way, I'm a blushing mess. I imagine dating another woman, going out on cute little dates, having fun sleepovers, sharing kisses and snuggling, doing each other's makeup...Hell, I've even imagined the more intimate stuff as well, and that can get me worked up quicker just thinking about than an hour with my boyfriend in person ever could.
My main question here is, can I be a lesbian if I've only ever really dated men? I have all these thoughts and feelings, but are they considered valid? While I feel like I love my boyfriend, I have a feeling it might be because we've been through so much and I'm scared of letting go, and that my love isn't truly romantic anymore. Can I really call myself a lesbian if I've been with a man that long though? Or would I just be considered bisexual/pansexual still?
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2019.06.11 21:43 aidenriley01 ☀️🌑🔣Queens of Code - Episode 2 - The Darkness PART 2🔣🌑☀️

The camera opens on Anita and Cass are practising there routine in the performance space, beside them, are kitty and Princess doing the same. The choro is going well for both teams until…


Just as Cass drops into a death drop, her stiletto heel flies of and stabs Antia in the eye across the stage, Victorious style. Anita drops to the ground, in stunning slow-mo, as even in death, she lives a fantasy. This starlets kitty who falls of the stage.
Cass - I did NOT mean to do that… I would never want to lose a heel.
“I… Don’t think they're moving,” Cass says as she pokes Antia knocked out body with a stick. “Girl…. What the fuck did we do? Did we just kill Anita ” Princest says in a state of pure panic. “Do I look like a fucking doctor? No! I look like a dumb bitch” Cass screams back. “We cannot let Diana and Mary know about this… We should work together and cover it some way!” Princest says, dragging antia’s body into the forest. “Unghh fine, I don’t want to touch that gross bitch tho” cass says reluctantly following princest.
Princest - You know what, work with what you’ve got
“Umm, WHAT THE FUCK” Kitty screams as she wakes up covered in dirt. “Oh? She’s alive… How sad” Cass says to kitty, who is still dizzy from her concussion. “Ladies… My blood is boiling… ARE YOU BURRYING ANTIA ASWELL?!?!?” Kitty screams as cass and princest freakout. “Ummm no it’s just some other Singaporean prostitute,” Princestt says, desperately covering Anita's body. “I’m reporting to you!!!” Kitty screams as she runs away
Kitty - Guess they were wanting to take out the competition.
“There gonna notice she’s missing tho…. Unless we replace her…” Princest says looking at her body, now lying in a makeshift grave. “We could…. Make dummies in her likeness, I’m sure nobody will notice” Princest replies. “You have a point, it is only Antia after all” Cass replies as she shovels dirt on top of Antia's body.
A quick montage is shown of Cass, Kitty and Princest, stapling, glueing and creating there Anita doll. They finally finished there creation, for Anita a rag doll with a shirt that says “For sugar daddies only” With an arrow pointing around her and to her ass.
Kitty - I don’t see a difference
They throw the two bitches into the workspace and run, the other girls not giving a single shit. They sneak back in. “Ummm where’s that bitch…. Anita? I think” Era asks as she’s shut down quickly with a rushed “I don’t know, why would I know, I’m working with Princest, was there an Anita here?” from cass
Erathelle - ok

We’re Back Bitches

“Hey Hey Hey Whores! So how is the newly formed team doing?” Diana asks Princest and Cassandra
“Well, were at crossroads, we have two contrasting ideas, both being out old ideas. I’m thinking a little red riding hood style story, whereas cass is thinking something completely diffrent” Princest says
“Well what has cass got” Mary asks
“I was thinking about doing a rainbow paint and prism light routine to the song Colour by MNEK. I think-” Cass says as Diana cuts her off
“Like the exact same routine, to the exact same song, I did with amelia on RDR? I just feels as if we have seen it, and we 101% have. I think princess has a much stronger idea, as I haven’t seen anything like it” Diana adds
“Well, I guess…” Cass says, almost a bit defeated
Cass - It isn’t cute when your host has done the exact same thing as you before
“Good Luck Ladies!” Mary says as the girls walk away
“Sup Bitches!!! What ya doing?” Diana asks, as Satina and Aurora stare at a copy of the badest bitches in herstory
“So umm, we were thinking of doing snakes throughout the ages, so eve, Not Kennedy, the original bad bitch who said fuck you to God. We have Cleopatra because I think she was a bad bitch possibly, and then we have someone who is TBD” Aurora adds
“I’m not sure if we should take a campy fun route or a poetic and serious route on this?” Questions satina
Aurora - Is this bitch for real? WE
“Well, it’s certainly a fun concept, I think campy is the clear choice for something like this. How are you planning on bringing the light aspect in?” Mary throws back
“Ummm UV paint?” says Aroura
“Well… lots of girls will be doing UV paint, but it certainly will be interesting to say the least… Good luck!” Diana adds
Satina - I guess we’ll just have to be better than all the other stanks this week
“Hello, hello, hello kitty girls! What y’all thinking?” Mary aks the girls, as Marianna looks up from writing things on her Hannah Montana spiral notebook.
“Okay so uh,” Marianna says as she sweats nervously, “What we were thinking about doing is a choreographed dance routine to like, our own plot and written lyrics and stuff like that.”
“We smart or wuteva” Bella says as she sticks her tongue out.
“Well ladies, this is great and all but do you have any sort of concept?” Diana asks passive aggressively. Marianna turns tomato red.
“Yes, we do.” Bella retorts. “Basically the plot is two childhood friends who are in some sort of Candyland, and then they grow into teenagers, get on drugs and in their hallucinations they can glimpse that Candyland from their childhood and they take more and more until one of them eventually OD's and dies.”
“Jesus Christ, that's jaded as fuck but I love it. In terms of how you’re going to bring light into it, how are you going to do that? This is a light show so we need to see your light.” Mary says with a dominating tone. Marianna at this point starts looking down at her notebook in shame as she draws dicks on the margins.
“Backdrop projections and outfits?” Marianna softly suggests.
“Well dear, those are lights that could go with any concept really. We want you to be more inventive. Flashback had a light up yoyo in one of her- too soon probably. But we want to see things light that, being inventive with it and unafraid to push boundaries. Well, good luck ladies, don’t be afraid to turn it out!” Diana says and walks away to the next group.
Marianna - Owweeeee :’(.
“Hey Hey Hey ladies! How is your performance coming along?” Mary asks Bridgette and Rain, who still have wires at there table
“Well, we were thinking a ballroom -” Bridgette starts justs as Diana cuts her off
“Ballroom? I’m shocked
“Ha. Well, it’s called a brand bitch! Anyway, we're doing a ballroom dance to delicate by Taylor swift and then a twist to Ballroom blitz, our gowns are going to be almost like Zyndays stunning MET gown” Bridgette adds
Diana examines the two gowns, before saying “Well, I’m happy to see a wire-free outfit this week rain”
“There are wires under it bitch! Heheheheh” Rain shouts back at Diana
“Okay well, good luck this week fatties!” Diana says as the pair walk away
Rain - Wires. Wires. Wires. Will I ever live this down?
“Hey girls! Congrats on the Mini win Miss Crimson. So what are you two thinking for the main challenge this week?” Asks Mary as she pulls up to the two girls, their table covered in neon blacklight paint
“Okay so we wanna do like a Sasha Velour inspired 50s housewife stuck in black and white to SU-BARBIE by Marina and the diamonds? As we get more colourful and progressive, it changes to Screwed by Janelle Monae?” Era asks the pair
“Okay did you say fucking Janelle Monae? Instant win. Instant season win. The TASTE! I’m excited to see this hyper colour eleganza, just focus on the light and colour accept!” Diana throws in.
“Well Let's get back to brainstorming ways to kill my husband!” Says Elle
“Good luck girls!” Mary says as she walks away from the pair
Erathatelle - Diana seems pretty excited about our performance, let's hope I’m more than high this week
“So before we go, this weeks guest judges will be my lovely partner in crime… Amelia Velvet and the quitterific Eve Kennedy. Good Luck and please… Fuck it up”
Bridgette - OMG, that's Amelia Velvet! Professional Bttm 2 Artist! OMG, that’s Eve Kennedy! I loved her anthrax letters sent to me! Chuckles I’m in danger!
The workroom is busy with life, as the girls finalised their runways for the week. “So what's everyone planning for the runway this week?” Mari asks the girls. “I’m thinking something moon landing themed this week!” Elle says, Aurora cuts in with “Flat earth queen for anyone wondering… No, my ass won’t match this week”. “I’m thinking Jesus Marrying his mother Mary Magdalene, I think it’s conceptual and Clever” Says Bridgette. Crickets. “Umm isn’t Mary Magdalene and the Virgin Mary you know... Different?” asks Satina. Bridgette stares in confusion. “Uhhhhhhhh...”
Satina - This bitch I can’t with her. Her and her three total brain cells
“I swear Mary was the one who gave birth to Jesus? I’m correct here aren't I?” Bridgette asks again in a state on confusion. “Mary Magdalene and The Virgin Mary are two different people, you dumb bitch” Elle tells her. “Omg stop,” Bridgette says as she collapses on the makeup table
Bridgette - I’m Derick at stonewall and I feel like boo boo the fool
“Bridgette misunderstood the assignment!!” Mari screams out as the girls laugh. “Girl one was his mother the other was a whore I can’t” Satina says giggling to herself. “Did i just completely misunderstand my runway… unghhhh” Bridgette says as she blushes bright red. “Did she really think they were the same people I am lost” rain states as Bridgette cuts her off to scream “ FUCK I LOVED MY LOOK THIS WEEK NOW IT’S RUINED!!! IN THE BIN!!!”
Bridgette - Alexa play Hard Feelings by Lorde
“So when miss mary becomes a prostitute she’s “worshipped” and an “Inspiration” but when i do “Disgrace to the family” and “Going to burn in hell” Rain says screaming with laughter. “Hey nobody has photos of Mary and Mary and Mary (of the flashback) in the same room, have you considered my theory is that there, all the same, checkmate liberals #marygate2019” Bridgette says SKSKSKSKS her pains away. “You got it all wrong girl we” Elle throws in before Bridgette screams a loud “FUCK RELIGION, IT’S RUINED MY LIFE”. “Wow can’t believe you invented atheism queen” Satina Cackles.
Aurora - You bitches better put this in the episode #marygate
“So how did everyone find there teams this week?” Bridgette asks. “I think me an aurora work well together, I’m not saying we’ll win but I’m saying we’ll win.” Satina throws in. “Well working with Rain was a lot like spending time with my dad. It didn’t happen.” The workroom is extremely silent and awkward as the girls look around. The camera focuses at rain, who has her headphones in, listing to some frat shit tbh. “Well, I think me and Bella did quite well this week, I think she’s due an apology from me, considering I thought she was a lazy bitch but the moment we began working she sprung into action” Mari adds, breaking the prolonged silence.
Glass and Patron by FKA Twigs (Yes I got my moment) is played across the dark forest as Diana appears from the mirror screen and struts down the black reflective linoleum runway. She wears her Satanic Illuminati Devil Look from Dragula, in the pre-reveal form. The runway light’s are dimed as the pinstripes on Diana's suit glow red, as well as the all-seeing eye on her face. She gets her Illuminati fantasy before twirling and stopping at the end of the runway
”Welcome to the Current main stage of Queens of Code! Hosted in some random cold and dark forest”!
” Flashback Mary, my favourite conspiracy was that you were supposed to win RDR5, outlandish!”
“Still made it further than you bitch!”
Eve Kennedy, Is it true your attitude is what made the sun vanish?”
“Well, Diana I need to announce I’m quitting as a judge due to your inflammatory remarks… jk… for now”
”Amelia Velvet, are you truly are the lip sync assassin, most people who read them end up dead in a mysterious way”
“Well just Remeber, you cost us Juice bitch! She makes a neck chopping motion across her neck
”Tonight we asked the girls to perform a light show of there choice, and on the runway, it’s Conspiracy to Werk!”
Great work this week ladies! Now if I call your name, can you please step forward.
Team Satina and Aurora
Team Bella and Marianna
You are all…. Safe
The rest of you girls represent the Tops and the Bottoms of the week. Now Kitty, you failed to submit this week, thus you are automatically, in the Bottom 2. You may exit the stage.
“Let’s start with Bridgette Antoinette and Rain, This piece had the best use of light period!!! The light was so well controlled and on point, you really utilised the light aspect, however it got very literal it some parts, it’s good to take a step back some times and be more abstract! I think you got the contrast spot on, it went from ballroom dance to a fun, quirky, high energy dance in ball gowns, it gave me a boost of energy and it was really enjoyable! The ballroom aspect was smart and made the second half feel excited and energized. It was stunning! Great work this week!” Diana says
Bridgette, your runway was so divine. Very royal, very exquisite, very fashionable. Overall, I think your concept was pretty cool with the virgin Mary and Mary Magdelene incest thing going on. So many Mary’s… no more room for me :(. I think the soft makeup was very in touch with the soft and heavenly look you had going on overall. The dress was definitely my favorite part. I will say that had you not explained your conspiracy, I’m not sure if I would have gotten the reference. But your conspiracy is like so out there, it almost had to be done.” Mary Chimes in
“So Rain, I Am slightly disappointed by your submission. It’s so short that we have to fill in the blanks regarding your look. If you’re going to do a submission that is this short then you should include a sketch along with it. Moving onto the look itself, I’m actually really pleased with it. The concept is really strong, the color choice is beautiful. I Would’ve worn darker hair, maybe even braids. If you were to just write more for your submission you could’ve done better but I Had to take your lack of details into consideration this week” Eve says
“Next up is Team Cassandra and Princest. Melanie Martine takes me back, insert hey rapist video here. So firstly, congrats on mixing a sinister and comedic tone quite well throughout the act, I think you guys nailed that really well. I think the fight scene is well choreographed and enjoyable in many ways. However, there are some caveats I have with the performance, firstly how it was done? Like chopping of heads, hands and other body parts takes a lot of special effects to work well. Secondly, I felt light wasn’t utilised, the shadow puppet theme in the back was smart, but light the lighting effects were minimal. I wish you had done the whole performance having you both blacked out like shadow puppets, that would have been a cool and effective use of light, or even the blood being neon glow red. It’s small details like that to give it what the challenge calls for. I think you girls really fall flat on what the challenge wanted, a light show most of all.” Diana says to the pair
“So Cassandra, You had one of the better runways this week in my opinion. I Like your theme quite a lot however I Question how much it qualifies as a conspiracy theory. I Think it fits more into like creepypasta territory thana real conspiracy theory because it’s about fictional characters, not anything in the real world. The style is edgy, it’s not basic like some of the other girls this episode. You brought something different than everyone else & it really redeems you from your lackluster performance in the light show this episode.” Eve Tells her
“Princest, your runway, I live. I love the concept of the Chuck E. Cheese pizza, way to stay current with the times. I also love the suit, the gold shoes, and the nose, its so kisses fingers buenisimo. I will say that I wish you had described this more. Like, what was the material, the fabric, etc. Just work on fleshing out your concepts.” Mary tells Princest
“Lastly Team Elle and Erathelle, The concept of this… ugh your minds. The song choices too were spectacular. At first, I was the worried cause of the lack of light usage, but I think it was clever for there to be like some sort of climax at the moment where you switch songs and start to use the lights. The story arc was perfectly timed and the neon paints were used in a way that syngergized perfectly with the lyrics and performance. I don’t have any negative things to say about it, well done! (ps. The projector with the sex scenes made me laugh haha)” Mary tells the two
“So miss Elle, So with this look, first things first, I love the design, I think it’s really different and Elegant Approach on the idea of a moon landing and I think the way you incorporated the camera film and the moon headpiece was really stunning and elegant. I loved the cutouts on the dress, and I felt like the simplicity of the base garment really helped sell it. The sleeves and headpiece really added what I really love in a look, which is a high fashion, editorial edge. However, I’m not a fan of the wig under the headpiece, I felt like it clashed with the rest of the look and while I understand how it ties in, it just makes me think “was that needed?”.” Diana asks her
“Hey Erathelle, This is my least favorite look tonight of the entire cast. It’s the absolute most generic of all of them. It honestly seems like something that you could buy at Spirit Halloween out of a bag. Cheap. You used a lot of gimmicks & props to try & sell your looks, like Princest but hers works better than yours does because hers is a take on something really childish. You took something that could’ve been really interesting & dumbed it down. This is camp executed poorly.” Eve tacks on at the end.
Ladies… We have made some decisions
Team Bridgette and Rain… You're both safe. Keep up the good work
Elle Crimson... This week your runway was too hot to film
Erathtelle… In the challenge, you shone, but your light dimmed on the runway
Elle Crimson… you're the Top Scorer of this weeks challenge
Erathtelle… Your safe…
Kitty, failure to submit, thus you are in the bottom two this week
Princest... Your runway made us feel bloated with carbs and your performance left us sore
Cassandra… This week you failed to light up the judges minds and hearts.
Princest... I’m sorry my dear but you are in the bottom two
Cassandra… Your safe
Two queens stand before me, tonight you were asked to perform a lip sync to Turn off the Light - By Kim Petras, we want Verse 1 to Chorus, then Spoken Interlude to the end. During this lip sync, at both choruses, the stage will flash with strobe lights, use this how you wish. This is your last chance, to not only impress me, but also knock the other queen's points to 0 and gain two for yourself.Good Luck and Don’t Fuck it up
Edit - Lip sync deadlines are 14th of June, 23:59 GMT <3
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2019.05.18 23:05 Captain_Stottlemeyer [Spoilers S3E1] The American-Gilead Analysis

The following post was made to the best of my ability using information from the show, the book, and real life information available to me. All comparisons are made from real life events that could be connected to the settings of Handmaid's tale. While some comparisons or information may not be the truth revealed later in the series, or you do not agree with my input that is fine. That is your right as a viewer. This simply my personal think and comparison
There will be spelling mistakes and weirdly sentenced things, so I'm doing a double take after posting.
The religious group known as "Sons of Jacob" had risen to power and popularity throughout the country with chapters located in at least 30 states. SOJ members most likely reached political or powerful government positions throughout the country due to the groups popularity and influence. In S1 E8, in a flashback we see Nick at the "Worthy Praise Career Counseling" with the business having a similar symbol to Gilead symbols. One of the original SOJ members working there, who eventually recruits Nick into the organization, is later named to be Commander Pryce, a high ranking member in the new Gilead. So the W.P.C.C business may have publicly been SOJ doing God's work and cleaning up the country to help the people get back on there feet, but also a recruiting place. Think about it; unemployed people who are down on there luck suddenly find a job and feel like they have a purpose with the group SOJ who are told they are doing God's working. Slowly paving the way for public SOJ support for Gilead. Even Ofglen #2 aka the Handmaiden bomber says " I used to get f***ed behind a dumpster just so I could buy a sixth of Oxy and a Happy Meal. I'm clean now. I've got a safe place to sleep every night and I have people who are nice to me. And I want to keep it that way." This gives an idea that for June , Lucas and Moira this new life is terrible, but for others like her. Its better then what they had before the takeover.
These members likely started Gilead foundation from within the government very slowly. We would see SOJ members be appointed to state and government positions; state attorney, senator staffer, Intelligence officers, governor. Appointments that would appear normal to the public, but was actually placing key members into positions of authority. Members were likely promoted within as well for increased authority.
Military personnel were likely members as well. Within the U.S Military we likely saw increased training exercises that seemed to focus more on seizure and less on defense , increased troop movement, non-SOJ officers would be removed from meetings, given lower security clearance. Regular troops would be encouraged to attend the public SOJ meetings at one of its many chapters to align with SOJ ideas, also be encouraged to attend Christian "Religious Services", that is if there isn’t already "Sons of Jacob" Religious services. This would help explain why there seem to be so many Guardians and those in the military that were willing to join Gilead. While there is no specific date given for the creation SOJ to the actually creation of Gilead, ranging from a few years to even 8 years. While to many this may not seem like enough time to gather enough members worthy of a full out civil war, the support for the SOJ is exacerbated by the fertility crisis. In comparison the Nazi Party it took them at least 10 years to reach 12,000 members, but had two million by 1933/4 . People were looking for an answer, a reason for this crisis. Who is to blame for our terrible birth rate and destroyed environment right now? Similar to the Weimar Republic’s economic depression and Hitler giving the stricken population somebody to point at, the Jews and the Boshloviks. Just as the Nazi party rose in popularity by giving them a purpose, so did the Sons of Jacob . Gilead would blame the fertility crisis on lesbians, gays gender traitors, and birth control; Weather or not it was true
The group “SOJ” was being investigated by the F.B.I . At least two members known to be specifically under investigation were Serena Joy and Fred Waterford. The exact extent of the investigation is unknown though SOJ was likely treated as a domestic terrorist group, similar to groups ; The Covenant, The Sword, and the Arm of the Lord and the KKK as they are considered radical militant christian group
--The Attack on the D.C , Levels of Government, and the President--
There is were things get bumpy due to the hazy timeline and little info about the attacks, the takeover, and the civil war. So real life comparisons will be used.
In the show Commander Waterford describes the attacks as three targets; Congress (Legislative) The White House (Executive Level), and the Supreme Court (Judicial). The attacks were in that order( S1E6) The Waterford’s were told that the plan was approved and issued order for the attacks in three weeks. Hitting the three levels of government would cripple any chance of political norm.
Lets go back almost 90 years for a history lesson.
in real life in 1933, four weeks after Hitler became the Chancellor, the Reichstag, (similar to the U.S Congress and the British Parliament) caught fire and was destroyed. The exact origins of the fire and its arsonists are still unknown to this day. The fire was blamed on a communist plot from within the government . This gave way to the“reichstag fire decree”which suspended many civil liberties such as habeas corpus, freedom of the press, and gave Hitler emergency powers . ( We all saw Star Wars and took history class, we know how this ends.)
A event known as “Night of the Long Knives” which started June 30th, 1934 and lasted three days saw all of Hitler and the Nazi Party’s enemies executed. The Gestapo, which we can compare to the Guardians, carried out the attacks all over Germany. Several important figure were killed ; "von Schleicher, the last Chancellor to Germany before Hitler, von Kahr, the former Bavarian prime minister during Hitler’s uprising in 1923, dozens of S.A members, several Reichstag members, and anyone else who could have opposed Hitler. This purge truly cemented Hitler’s power over Germany. Just as the D.C attacks would give SOJ power.
Back to Handmaids Tale, a newspaper dated September 15, 2014 titled “President's Day Massacre” is seen in S2 as an prop at the Boston Globe Newspaper.
It states the Congress, the Supreme Court and the White House were all attacked. The unnamed President took a gunshot to the chest and shoulder was taken to the Georgetown University Hospital were he died. The White House was bombed, so that means the President was either at Congress or at a unknown fourth location. In the books it was stated all the attacks were done by Islamic fanatics, but no official perpetrators are stated in the show. Though in our currently in our time, Islamic Extremists seems the most likely . Some wonder why there wasn’t a designated survivor which is only used for the State of the Union or Presidential Inaugurations and other such events. As the attacks didn’t happen during a State of the Union this explains why. Congress and the Supreme Court must have both been in session to make sure all targets were in place for the attack. Although these three locations are stated, there were most likely other individual targets across D.C; Lawyers who were at their homes, military officers who were stationed at the Pentagon, FBI & CIA directors along with other key targets who would have posed a threat to the rising Gilead government. Martial law was being declared right after the attacks came on the news with National Guard units being activated in Baton Rouge, Los Angeles, Chicago and other large cities.
Any survivors that miraculously ( conveniently ) missed their assassinations or weren't there that day at the attack were all most likely SOJ members. These survivors were now significantly higher on the level of government. Just as Bush JR addressed the 9/11 attacks with a national speech to the nation, so would the SOJ survivors. They would have recited a bible verse just as Bush did with Psalms 23. Something along the lines of "The fruit of our nation has been taken away from us, we shall find the villains who committed this act, with God's watchful eye protecting us we shall overcome". The surviving members would had a emergency government session and declared a national state of emergency. The nation was just attacked at the heart of its power, the people would have accepted into the new rules, no matter how totalitarian it was. Just as we did with our privates after 9/11 with the Patriot Act. The rest of the world would have given massive support. In addition is "Posse Comitatus Act" and the" Insurrection Act", which would support the legal precedence for the military to used as a domestic security force during martial law, The attacks are largely considered when SOJ truly controlled the remains of U.S. Government
So when you ask "Why did these soldiers who swore to uphold the constitution of the U.S against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same", betray the U.S?
Besides the previously mentioned high possibility that SOJ had high ranking officers in the military. The public faces of SOJ likely had outreach, youth programs, day cares, along side the WPCC. By the time SOJ starts as a community program before the creation of Gilead, that is more then enough time to grow propaganda or popularity into a kids and young adults head to enlist in the Gilead's future military .Think about it, how many pimple faced 17/18/19 year old's joined the military after 9/11 happened? The same thing must happened after the D.C Attacks, young eager Americans who just graduated high school wanting to enlist to protect their country. Just as Eden Blaine is such a true believer at 15 when she is married off. We see that she was raised to believe this by her mother, who probably just wanted the best for her daughter in this new Gilead world, We see that after the D.C attacks there is a stronger protection of children. The education system likely changed as well, with elementary and middle schools giving SOJ ideas into the children students, Don't think of Gilead's commanders in business suits taking over bases and troops, think of a Colonel or General that has been in the military since your mom was a baby.
New members of congress and other positions from each state would be nominated or chosen to replace the deceased. The time it would have take to figure who is dead, announce the new rules, decide who would run or be nominated would have taken time. The surviving members would have fast track the rest of SOJ members to replace. All of these is what they are saying in public to the american people, but in reality its all B.S. The new FBI director would have publicly stated that they are hunting down the conspirators. All while the country is still under martial law. The new government would lowered or removed foreign aid, putting in a private SOJ fund for the future Gilead government, recalled certain troops from the rest of the globe, recall one or two fleets into the U.S oceans to enforce its coastal waters to stop people from leaving and smugglers. When the fleets arrive, they replace Admirals and Commanders with SOJ supporters , The attacks didn't happen on a Monday and Republic of Gilead created on a Sunday, everything was slowly built up; supporters, popularity, laws, guardians. Three to 5 years pass until Gilead is official after the D.C attacks taking place in late 2014; according to the newspaper; with the current show time taking place around early to mid 2020s .
--The Civil War --
Just as hazy as the actually takeover, because there is no way of telling how fast events happened; month, year, 5 years.
SOJ has infiltrated the highest levels of government and the military. The laws have slowly but surely been built up to empower the Republic of Gilead. No specific date is given for when Civil War started perhaps its been 3 to 5 years, but you can guesstimate Hannah's birth, age when with parents, and when Hannah is seen again at the end of S1.
During the first American Civil War, things reached a tipping point and the nation was at war with itself. For this second civil war it is unknown if it was the actually creation and enforcement of the Handmaidens , a different important law for Gilead, or if one of the free state/s actually rose up against the rising tyrannical "U.S Government" that lead to a military revolt. The Civil War has begun, stars and stripes all over the eastern U.S are sent to the ground and replaced with the Republic of Gilead flag. Military units all over the United States would have been activated, Gilead controlled borders would have been shut down, newly formed Guardians would have been fighting police and loyalist N.G all over.
( This next bit is somewhat heavy guess work due to very little information known about the early conflict or current status of the Civil war and basing heavily off this map which can be seen on Commander Waterford's desk in S2E11/12?) Gilead most likely controlled everything east of the Mississippi River at the start of the war except for the south-east ironically known as the Bible Belt; South Carolina , George, Florida, Georgia, Alabama and the other southern and south-eastern states.
Some things to know are currently
  1. 327.2 million Americans with at least 9 million living overseas as of 2019 , but again we can lower this number for H.T due to the fertility crisis.
  2. ; As of 2016 in the US there are; around 1,358,193 Active personnel for all active branches (their job is military 24/7)-with at least 450,000 overseas; stationed in Germany, Korea, Philippines and so on , and 14,000 in Afghanistan , 6-8 thousand in Iraq.
  3. Reserve personnel for reserves and National Guard around 811,000 ( They are trained for the military, but maintain civilian jobs and called be called in to active service if needed )
Just to give you a general idea of how many people could be fighting and how many Guardians there could be.
Although with the environmental problems and fertility crisis, we can expect this number to be somewhat lower because of the very little newborns to grow up and replace cycle of troops that the U.S needs every year to maintain its large troop status. Everything on the west side of the continental U.S is under the control of a new U.S Government; controlled by the governors with military support from each state's National Guard. This new US Government would recall any U.S Forces left around the globe. U.S. Forces would be setting off from Japan, Germany, the Phillipines. With the United States Forces in Korea having around 20-30,000 troops stationed there it could be iffy, if all U.S forces leave Korea that would leave South Korea heavily undermanned against a North Korea invasion. Then again, North Korea is already a nation crippled by lack of modern technology, mostly medical and farming, in the real world. So its possible North Korea is decimated by the fertility crisis and environmental problems. Leaving S.K to feel safe enough that N.K wouldn't invade even with most US forces gone from the peninsula. These U.S loyal troops would arriving all along the west coast of Californa, Oregon, and Washington (state) , traveling by any Naval units left in the region bringing along armored and aircraft units to reinforce the California front.
They would be reinforcing N.G units that likely faced heavy losses to the Guardians in the very start and early stages of the Civil War. The middle of the U.S , was likely the early defensive line set along Texas, Colorado, Montana line. Going back to the Gilead map, it appears most of the fighting is actually taking place to the south/south east and the West coast.. Most of Texas and nearly everything in Florida is in rebel controlled territory. Which is strange due to the oranges in S1 make it seem like Gilead has advanced on the conflicted territory of Florida from the "rebels". Then we look back to the map again seen at the end of S2, we see the U.S controls most of California, Oregon, and Washington state which then makes it strange in S2 when Eden offers the Guardian a strawberry "all the way from California" So Gilead is planting, farming, reaping, and transporting it all the way to the east coast while in U.S held territory? Think about those two things . Though the Commanders and the rest of Gilead call them "Rebels" we must assume Rebels are actually the U.S Military and not just resistance movements ,due to the size of the conflicts zones and Gilead not wanting to say U.S troops to give them legitimacy.) If there was a large amount of U.S military forces on the eastern U.S they likely retreated to the deep south of the U.S. If those units are not being able to be reinforced or replenished war equipment, the surviving Florida troops may have been evacuated to U.S Navy ships in the Gulf , retreated to U.S held Puerto Rico or even to the naval station in Cuba. Combative Naval Support may be limited for reasons of targets, collateral damage, or simply unable to provide naval support to U.S ground troops.
Now we turn to the North, in Season 1, June says there are American soldiers fighting with tanks in the remains of Chicago. When you look at the map again we see the northern parts of Wisconsin and Michigan are still under control of the U.S Remnant, with the rest of both states in blue stating that they are clearly in Gilead control without resistance. June's Chicago reference likely meant that at some point the U.S had control of Chicago, but was defeated by the Guardians of the Faithful. June mentions the Americans in Chicago sometime after she arrives with the Waterfords, but S1 takes place two-three years after her capture. So its possible that the fighting in Chicago had been over for quite some time.
"Maybe it was a U.S invasion of Chicago through Lake Michigan to combine the Michigan/Wisconsin front into one large battlefront?."
Nice to think that the U.S military has tried a aggressive strategy into partially reclaiming the Northern Midwest, but is unlikely due the massive damage the U.S Military has received all around. If M/W front collapses they should be able to retreat to the Canadian border and either be interned or allowed to assimilated with whatever remains of the U.S Military in Canada.
Where is NATO and U.S allies?
For those that don't know NATO ( NORTH AMERICAN TREATY ORGANIZATION) is a international alliance of 29 countries which include ; USA, Canada, Germany, Spain, France, England and so on. The initial reason for this alliance was to protect themselves against a invasion against the former Soviet Union back during the Cold War. Although NATO has been involved with humanitarian efforts and smaller conflicts like Kosovo and Libya. Article 5 states "a attack on one of us is a attack on all us". Which was to deter the Soviet Union from invading and annexing its neighbors. Article 5 has only been issued once, by the US immediately after the 9/11 attacks.
NATO maintains around 2 million active duty personnel. The main problem is that the US is the bulk NATO's military capabilities. Out of 29 member states, only 8 have reached or maintained 2 percent of its GPD (money funding). Some believe they that European allies have grown to comfortably relying on the U.S for NATO Military. So would NATO even be able to give basic logistical support to the U.S Government, let alone a full on NATO invasion of Gilead in any form?
Also the general idea for NATO and the US is that Russian would overrun the Baltic states, and reach the German border or possibly the Rhine River within nine days before the Americans could reinforce NATO -Europe which could take too long. So the idea of all of NATO's combat nations even just assembling to help America could take too long, especially if they are not maintaining its budget. Then factor in mobilizing countries that are also affected by the pollution and birth problems, then your moving weapons, equipment, ammo, food, gas, support personnel, across the Atlantic Ocean to Canada where they would have to set up staging areas all along the Canadian border into America/Gilead. Then depending on the status of Russia and China, they suddenly have a Europe empty of defense on the other side of the hemisphere. Could they really trust Russia not to invade? They are in just as much trouble and pain as the rest of the world.
In season 2, while Luke is in Little America, Ontario, Canada, he states that both Canadian and British troops have increased military exercises along the border. It's possible the military exercises are just for show. Similar to the U.S and S.K military exercises; a constant reminder to Gilead-Korea not to do something stupid or use W.M.Ds of any kind.
In comparison to real life, Canada currently has around 68,000 active personnel with around 27,000 in reserve. This is SIGNIFICANTLY lower to America's pre-civil war manpower. British Army force's likely reinforced Canada as they are a commonwealth country. The exact size of the British reinforcements are unknown. In comparison, when England sent the BEF ( British Expeditionary Force) during W.W 2 , it took them a month to send out 152,000 troops with ammo, vehicles, and supplies in France.
Now there's plans, ideas, fan fiction, thoughts and ideas from everyone on what would happen. That would just be insane from going over all of ideas on what could happen. So forget all those and only focus on my idea.
If Canada were to invade Gilead and liberate the rest of the U.S, it would be under a joint American-Canadian-British invasion force; with various combat support from other NATO allies. ACB troops would swoop down from British Columbia to reinforce the exhausted American troops along the west coast (Look back at the map) Troops would enter from Ontario-New York state border with troops from Quebec pushing south into New England / New Gilead District, as there seems to be heavy rebel fighting there already (Rebels in Blue Hills mentioned). The Quebec troops would push down to meet the Ontario troops. They would then peel off into the coast to spearhead into D.C. Canadian/ US Marines would seize Albany, New York as well as the coast of Maine.
Even with a combined Canada/ British/ American naval fleet to push on the Atlantic Ocean and liberate the coasts they would have faced heavy losses against the captured American turned Gilead fleet. Although during the early start of the war if there were Loyalist Navy members that were unable to escape with a ship or join a loyalist navy group, it is possible they scuttled the ships that were docked in ports to prevent Gilead making use of them. Similar to what happened in W.W 2 with the Vichy France
What about NUKES used in the Civil War and the Colonies?
So nukes are not to be taken lightly. Nuclear war has always been a terrible thought in everyone's head, especially during the Cold War when W.W 3 could have happened at any second. Nukes haven't been used militarily since 1945, when the U.S bombed Hiroshima and Nagasaki. They were bombed because an American invasion of Japan could have killed over a million people; from the Americans, the zealot Japanese soldiers, and the civilians killed in the crossfire.
Currently the U.S has around 6,000 nukes, only 4,000 are active and ready to launch. Even semi General locations are Classified . We do know there are several silos in the Great Plains though. The U.S also has around 14 Ohio-Class submarines which carries a dozen nuke missiles each. There is no way of telling who is a loyalist and who is willing to join Gilead.So there could have been mutinies and infighting on ships all across the navy and missile bases across the country. If Gilead could actually use the nukes is unknown. They could be using it as a threat like North Korea does, is unwilling to use nukes, or another reason.
Full yield nuclear weapons like B-61, Titan 2, B-83 are possible reasons for the colonies, but doesn't seem likely for either side to use. If Gilead truly has pushed U.S Forces as far back as the West Coast, the U.S forces could use limited high yield missiles along the Gilead lines to push back the Guardians. Would Gilead use nukes back at them? What would the international community think of this action, even if it was a last resort, similar to Israel's plan. Now the large swaths of land are destroyed from the blast and the radiation, plus all that nuclear fallout is heading to Mexico. Now you have a city neither side can use, any potential farm land is irradiated. Things that neither side can afford if they wish to take over the Continental U.S
There are different types of weapon used for nukes : neutron (high radiation, low explosive ), atomic/fission, hydrogen. Depending on what was used and where it detonated, might be a plausible reason the wasteland/ colonies. You know what, just watch john oliver explain and get form your own idea.
When the Mexican ambassador visits Gilead and the Waterford she just says "My hometown hasn't had a child born in 6 years". She doesn't say anything along the lines of "Your nuclear fires have destroyed us even in Mexico."
We assume "The Colonies" are large swaths of land that are uninhabitable due to the radioactive waste, or fallout from the nukes. The colonies are cleaned up by women who have been sent there for their crimes. We know Emily /Ofglen and Nadine/Ofwarren were sent off to the colonies where they dig up the waste soil and thrown into bags, where they are hauled off by F.M.T.Vs. The closest known radioactive wasteland is seen below as "Arkansas nuclear one" which is a nuclear power plant. We have to assume that's not where Emily and Nadine were sent off off due to the massive distance.So its likely there are smaller radioactive/polluted lands near Boston and throughout the country.

Enjoy my terrible map markers I made in Microsoft paint

"Post"- Second American Civil War
Shout out to u/Kspence92 for making the U.S is now Taiwan comparison.
The Republic of Gilead now has control over most of the continental United States. The United States government is now in exile to Anchorage, Alaska where the new capital is set up. The 50 stars on Old Glory are now reduced to 48 hollowed stars and two normal stars; which represent the states of Alaska and Hawaii. Tens - if not hundreds of thousands of Americans are now refugees in Canada or other countries. The U.S is no longer the world's leading superpower, no longer the strongest country in the world, the world's bastion of democracy is now crumbling down on itself.
Official the S.A.C.W is still going on against the Gilead secessionists, while officially the civil war is over with only "rebels" (aka U.S Military) fighting a hopeless war. In Toronto, Canada is a neighborhood known as " Little America", a reference to the large areas of mostly Chinese neighborhoods throughout the U.S known as "China Town". In Nick and Moira's side of the story we what could have been the original U.S Consulate or just turned into location for the Americans to use. If it is the original consulate the distance is a 30 minute drive from the Pearson International Airport where the Waterford's arrive as diplomats in S2 E9. We see U.S Marines stationed there, they are called " Marine Corps Embassy Security Group ". It's possible they were originally stationed during the rising events of the Civil War and stayed as loyalists. U.S Embassies and Consulates across the globe may still be functioning, providing assistance to the Americans that were stationed or living aboard, as well as the Americans who were moved as part of the refugee program
Military strength is greatly weakened from its current 3-6 year long civil war. It's naval supremacy around the globe is now reduced to defending the West coast and its Alaskan / Hawaiian / and California sea routes. The new government consists of Governors, retired politicians who came back , and state senators who were able to flee to Canada or retreat to Alaska from California before the war reached them. This government is likely seen as the legitimate government across the globe except by nations who recognize Gilead simply as a "Screw you" to the U.S. The United Nations Building in New York is likely abandoned and being reused by Gilead. The new United Nations Assembly likely relocated to its second largest office in Geneva, Switzerland. Gilead as a nation is condemned and faces embargoes or tariffs all around. The E.U has done this as well and is hurting the Gilead economy, but it is hurting the E.U just as badly. Waterford even says " The Gilead economy will come to a crash in 6 months if the trade deal ( mexican-gilead trade ) doesn't work out"
Just before the Waterfords leave for Canada, Eden Blaine gives Nick chocolate chip cookies stating "never seen a ticket for chocolate before". This means the Mexican deal with through, and economically Gilead can continue as a nation for many years to come. Though long for the distant future?
In S2 E9, when the Waterfords are in Canada for negations, Serena Joy is approached by a man named Mark Tuello, he says he is "A representative of the United States government" . He then offers her asylum in Hawaii and to tell her story, in her own words. This is very plainly- " We give you a new home, keep you self, and you tell everyone how terrible Gilead is". Though it is unknown if he or the U.S Government is aware of the fact she was one of the key plotters for the coup. He offers her cigarettes , most likely the same brand she smoke. All of this is a clear sign of Tuello being a CIA agent trying to recruit Serena as a propaganda asset. A high ranking Commander's wife defecting would be propaganda coup for the U.S . The mere fact that John doesn't work in the semi official motto of the CIA , "And you shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free." (John 8:32) is clearly a missed opportunity by the show's writers.
The U.S likely maintains it seat on the Security Council and on the United Nations due its long term status as a superpower and ability to stay in the fight against Gilead. Similar right after W.W 2 , the Republic of China (ROC) continued it's civil war against the "Peoples Republic of China " ( Communists/ PRC,) . The Civil war was stopped after Japan invaded mainland China, afterwards the warlords and factions of China united as one until the Japanese were stopped. Eventually the Communists beat back the Nationalists to Taiwan, a island just of the coat of China. It wasn't until 1971 was the ROC expelled from the U.N and the PRC was officially recognized as nation. This is still a controversy to this day regarding the One China Policy and the Two Chinas.
( Personally in my opinion , this where I think things get sloppy on the wider narrative)
Although Canada allows most of the Americans as "guests", they still maintain relations with Gilead. During the Waterford visit to Canada we hear a news report say " Security was tight today at Toronto Pearson International Airport for a historic occasion. The first visit to Canada --. The identity of the official, seen here with his wife, has not been made public, nor has an agenda for the visit. Trade will almost certainly be a major topic of discussion. Our economy is still recovering from the loss of the former United States as trading partner. Another long-hoped-for-goal is calming tensions along the Canada-Gilead border. A lot of work to be done there, and today marks a promising start. A spokesperson for the American government in Anchorage expressed deep disappointment at Canada's perceived normalizing of Gilead and its controversial, even retrograde policies. The Canadian government did not respond " That night Waterford tells to Serena " We made progress this morning. Border security is on the table, maybe even extradition of illegal immigrants." We all know of course illegal immigrants are just the Marthas, Guardians, and so on, who escaped from Gilead. That same night they arrive, Nick gives Luke the package of letters that were smuggled out. That morning the Waterfords are kicked out of Canada and the talks are cancelled because of the letters. There's one single huge problem with this. Why would letters be the thing that kicks them out? We know people were trying to escape early Gilead because of its laws and you know, machine gunning protesters. People are still constantly escaping from Gilead . Moira's refugee consultant says " I go from having no one, to 14 people in one day". Moira talks to the Guardian defector who says "I was in the Army, then in a week i was a Guardian and hanging people for being "gender traitors". Moira was a Handmaid and a sex slave at Jezebels. All of these people probably gave a report of who they were before and were in Gilead, what they did, what they saw, who was killed, and how they escaped. So Canada and the rest of the world knows all the crazy war crimes in Gilead. Its like when people escape and defect to South Korea. We know Korea is terrible place, highly militarized, personality cults with the Kim family, and people disappear all the time to be killed or imprisoned in work camps. We already know all of these things , the people who escape just keep confirming what we already know. So why would letters from these people be the kill shot for the Canadian-Gilead talks?.
--If you've been reading this whole thing while using the restroom, please seek medical advice Also, I tricked you into reading my fan fiction!
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2017.06.17 09:34 tombstoneshadows28 All of the MPAA/CARA-rated films of 2009 (out of the 7,004 films released worldwide that year.)

  1. Aussie + Ted’s Great Adventure (Director: Shuki Levy)
  2. Bomb! (Director: Antonio de Santos)
  3. Curious George II: Follow That Monkey! (Director: Norton Virgien)
  4. Hachi: A Dog’s Tale (Director: Lasse Hallström)
  5. Hannah Montana: The Movie (Director: Peter Chelsom)
  6. Jack And The Beanstalk (Director: Gary J. Tunnicliffe)
  7. Kikkerdril (Director: Simone van Dusseldorp)
  8. Mandie + The Secret Tunnel (Directors: Joy Chapman + Owen Smith)
  9. Opposite Day (Director: R. Michael Givens)
  10. Pelle Politibil går i vannet (Rasmus A. Sivertsen)
  11. Sam Steele and the Junior Detective Agency (Director: Tom Whitus)
  12. The Legacy (Director: Bernard Émond)
  13. The Mighty Macs (Director: Tim Chambers)
  14. The Princess And The Frog (Directors: Ron Clements + John Musker)
  15. The Strawberry Shortcake Movie: Sky's the Limit (Directors: David Mucci Fassett + Michael Hack)
  16. The True Story Of Puss ‘N Boots (Directors: Jérôme Deschamps, Pascal Hérold + Macha Makeïeff)
  17. The Velveteen Rabbit (Director: Michael Landon, Jr.)
  18. The Wild Stallion (Director: Craig Clyde)
  19. Tinker Bell And The Lost Treasure (Director: Klay Hall)
  20. Trail Of The Panda (Director: Zhong Yu)
  1. A Christmas Carol (Director: Robert Zemeckis)
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  3. A Shine Of Rainbows (Director: Vic Sarin)
  4. Adam (Director: Joseph Minasi)
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  6. Alien Trespass (Director: R.W. Goodwin)
  7. Aliens In The Attic (Director: John Schultz)
  8. Alvin + The Chipmunks: The Squeakquel (Director: Betty Thomas)
  9. Amargura (Director: Antonio de Santos)
  10. Amelia (Director: Mira Nair)
  11. Arthur and the Revenge of Maltazard (Director: Luc Besson)
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  33. Fame (Director: Kevin Tancharoen)
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  1. 12 Rounds (Director: Renny Harlin)
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  3. 2012 (Director: Roland Emmerich)
  4. 3 Idiots (Director: Rajkumar Hirani)
  5. (500) Days Of Summer (Director: Marc Webb)
  6. 9 (Director: Shane Acker)
  7. A Secret Promise (Director: Fred Manocherian)
  8. A Serious Man (Director: Joel Coen)
  9. According To Greta (Director: Nancy Bardawil)
  10. Adam (Director: Max Mayer)
  11. After Last Season (Director: Mark Region)
  12. All About Steve (Director: Phil Traill)
  13. All Ages Night (Director: Nancy Montuori Stein)
  14. All For Liberty (Director: Chris Weatherhead)
  15. All’s Faire In Love (Director: Scott Marshall)
  16. Amor y Frijoles (Directors: Mathew Kodath + Hernan Pereira)
  17. Amreeka (Director: Cherien Dabis)
  18. An Education (Director: Lone Scherfig)
  19. Angels + Demons (Director: Ron Howard)
  20. Armored (Director: Nimród Antal)
  21. Avatar (Director: James Cameron)
  22. B-Girl (Director: Emily Dell)
  23. Better The Devil You Know (Director: Greg Augustine)
  24. Beyond A Reasonable Doubt (Director: Peter Hyams)
  25. Black Sheep (Director: Humberto Hinojosa Ozcariz)
  26. Black + Blue (Director: Jill Maxcy)
  27. Bounty (Director: Jared Isham)
  28. Bran Nue Dae (Director: Rachel Perkins)
  29. Carriers (Directors: David Pastor + Àlex Pastor)
  30. Chandni Chowk To China (Director: Nikkhil Advani)
  31. Cirque du Freak: The Vampire's Assistant (Director: Paul Weitz)
  32. City Island (Director: Raymond De Felitta)
  33. Coco Before Chanel (Director: Anne Fontaine)
  34. Cold Souls (Director: Sophie Barthes)
  35. Couples Retreat (Director: Peter Billingsley)
  36. Creation (Director: Jon Amiel)
  37. Dance Flick (Director: Damien Dante Wayans)
  38. Dear Lemon Lima (Director: Suzi Yoonessi)
  39. Did You Hear About The Morgans? (Director: Marc Lawrence)
  40. Drag Me To Hell (Director: Sam Raimi)
  41. Dragon Hunter (Director: Stephen Shimek)
  42. Duplicity (Director: Tony Gilroy)
  43. Echelon Conspiracy (Director: Greg Marcks)
  44. Endgame (Director Pete Travis)
  45. Everybody’s Fine (Director: Kirk Jones)
  46. Fanboys (Director: Kyle Newman)
  47. Farzaneh (Director: David Brokhim)
  48. Fast + Furious (Director: Justin Lin)
  49. Father And Guns (Director: Émile Gaudreault)
  50. Fighting (Director: Dito Montiel)
  51. Fire From Below (Directors: Andrew Stevens + Jim Wynorski)
  52. Fired Up! (Director: Will Gluck)
  53. Flying By (Director: Jim Amatulli)
  54. For Sale By Owner (Director: Robert J. Wilson)
  55. Forget (Director: Jacob Landis-Eigsti)
  56. Frequently Asked Questions About Time Travel (Director: Gareth Carrivick)
  57. From Mexico With Love (Director: Jimmy Nickerson)
  58. G.I. Joe: The Rise Of Cobra (Director: Stephen Sommers)
  59. Gentlemen Broncos (Director: Jared Hess)
  60. Get Low (Director: Aaron Schneider)
  61. Ghosts Of Girlfriends Past (Director: Mark Waters)
  62. God Send Me A Man (Directors: Emmbre Perry + Curtis Von)
  63. God, Me...HIV? One Man Show (Directors: Devin T. Robinson + Darien F. Rodriguez)
  64. Grilling Bobby Hicks (Director: Tommy Wood)
  65. H2O Extreme (Director: William Scharpf)
  66. He’s Just Not That Into You (Director: Ken Kwapis)
  67. Hell’s Fury: Wanted Dead Or Alive (Director: Alan Chan)
  68. HER (Directors: Tyrone Tann + Omega Kayne)
  69. Hillbilly Bob Zombie (Director: Ray Basham)
  70. Hurricane Season (Director: Tim Story)
  71. I Can Do Bad All By Myself (Director: Tyler Perry)
  72. I Hate Valentine’s Day (Director: Nia Vardalos)
  73. I Love You, Beth Cooper (Director: Chris Columbus)
  74. Imagine That (Director: Karey Kirkpatrick)
  75. Invictus (Director: Clint Eastwood)
  76. Irene In Time (Director: Henry Jaglom)
  77. It’s A Mismatch (Director: Ajmal Zaheer Ahmad)
  78. Julie + Julia (Director: Nora Ephron)
  79. Karma Calling (Director: Sarba Das)
  80. Knowing (Director: Alex Proyas)
  81. Labor Pains (Director: Lara Shapiro)
  82. Land Of The Lost (Director: Brad Silberling)
  83. Like Dandelion Dust (Director: Jon Gunn)
  84. Love Happens (Director: Brandon Camp)
  85. Love Hurts (Director: Barra Grant)
  86. Love N’ Dancing (Director: Robert Iscove)
  87. Lurking Under Life (Director: William Conrad)
  88. Mack Hanglider (Directors: Mark Macaluso + Peter Macaluso)
  89. Madea Goes To Jail (Director: Tyler Perry)
  90. Mega Diva (Director: Roberto Angel Salcedo)
  91. Mexican Gold (Director: Chuck Walker)
  92. Monster Beach Party (Director: Jay Wade Edwards)
  93. Motherhood (Director: Katherine Dieckmann)
  94. My Life In Ruins (Director: Donald Petrie)
  95. My One And Only (Director: Richard Loncraine)
  96. My Sister’s Keeper (Director: Nick Cassavetes)
  97. Nine (Director: Rob Marshall)
  98. Ninja Masters (Director: Xin Xin Xiong)
  99. No Greater Love (Director: Brad J. Silverman)
  100. Nobody (Director: Rob Perez)
  101. Not Easily Broken (Director: Bill Duke)
  102. Not Since You (Director: Jeff Stephenson)
  103. Nowhere To Hide (Director: John Murlowski)
  104. Obsessed (Director: Steve Shill)
  105. Ondine (Director: Neil Jordan)
  106. Oy Vey! My Son Is Gay!! (Director: Evgeny Afineevsky)
  107. Palo Pinto Gold (Director: Anthony Henslee)
  108. Paper Heart (Director: Nicholas Jasenovec)
  109. Partners (Director: Peter James Iengo)
  110. Passport To Love (Director: Victor Vu)
  111. Pastor Browne (Director: Rockmond Dunbar)
  112. Pennsylvania Is For Lovers (Director: Mickey Reece)
  113. Play The Game (Director: Marc Fienberg)
  114. Poema de salvación (Director: Brian Dublin)
  115. Poker Run (Director: Julian Higgins)
  116. Post Grad (Director: Vicky Jenson)
  117. Push (Director: Paul McGuigan)
  118. Ripples (Director: Marc Williams)
  119. Rock Slyde (Director: Chris Dowling)
  120. Royal Kill (Director: Babar Ahmed)
  121. Sabotage (Director: Reza Sixo Fafai)
  122. Sherlock Holmes (Director: Guy Ritchie)
  123. Something Blue (Directors: Sean Dillon + Curtis Krick)
  124. Spyware (Director: Grant Richards)
  125. Star Quest (Director: Jon Bonnell)
  126. Star Trek (Director: J.J. Abrams)
  127. State Of Play (Director: Kevin McDonald)
  128. Stay Cool (Director: Michael Polish)
  129. Steppin: The Movie (Director: Michael Taliferro)
  130. Street Fighter: The Legend Of Chun-Li (Director: Andrzej Bartkowiak)
  131. Sugarland (Director: Kenny Fisher)
  132. Surrogates (Director: Jonathan Mostow)
  133. Terminator: Salvation (Director: McG)
  134. That Evening Sun (Director: Scott Teems)
  135. The Blind Side (Director: John Lee Hancock)
  136. The Box (Director: Richard Kelly)
  137. The Boys Are Back (Director: Scott Hicks)
  138. The Break-Up Artist (Director: Steve Woo)
  139. The City Of Your Final Destination (Director: James Ivory)
  140. The Concert (Director: Radu Mihaileanu)
  141. The Deported (Director: Lance Kawas)
  142. The Fourth Kind (Director: Olatunde Osunsanmi)
  143. The Greatest Song (Director: Sarah Poindexter)
  144. The Gun (Director: Julio Alvarez)
  145. The Haunting In Connecticut (Director: Peter Cornwell)
  146. The Hole (Director: Joe Dante)
  147. The Imaginarium Of Doctor Parnassus (Director: Terry Gilliam)
  148. The Indian (Director: Ineke Houtman)
  149. The Invention Of Lying (Directors: Ricky Gervais + Matthew Robinson)
  150. The Jerk Theory (Director: Scott S. Anderson)
  151. The Least Among You (Director: Mark Young)
  152. The Lovely Bones (Director: Peter Jackson)
  153. The Maiden Heist (Director: Peter Hewitt)
  154. The Marc Pease Experience (Director: Todd Louiso)
  155. The New Daughter (Director: Luiso Berdejo)
  156. The Open Road (Director: Michael Meredith)
  157. The Proposal (Director: Anne Fletcher)
  158. The Shortcut (Director: Nicholaus Goossen)
  159. The Six Wives Of Henry Lefay (Director: Howard Michael Gould)
  160. The Smell Of Success (Director: Michael Polish)
  161. The Soloist (Director: Joe Wright)
  162. The Stepfather (Director: Nelson McCormick)
  163. The Storm Warriors (Directors: Danny Pang + Oxide Chun Pang)
  164. The Strip (Director: Jameel Khan)
  165. The Time Traveler’s Wife (Director: Robert Schwentke)
  166. The Twilight Saga: New Moon (Director: Chris Weitz)
  167. The Unborn (Director: David S. Goyer)
  168. The Uninvited (Directors: Charles Guard + Thomas Guard)
  169. The Way (Director: Vladimir Pasichnik)
  170. The Winning Season (Director: Jim Strouse)
  171. The Yankles (Director: David R. Brooks)
  172. To Save A Life (Director: Brian Baugh)
  173. Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen (Director: Michael Bay)
  174. Under The Mountain (Director: Jonathan King)
  175. Whatever Works (Director: Woody Allen)
  176. Where The Lotus Blooms (Director: Metrey Keo)
  177. Whip It (Director: Drew Barrymore)
  178. White Wedding (Director: Jann Turner)
  179. White On Rice (Director: Dave Boyle)
  180. Wild About Harry (Director: Gwen Wynne)
  181. X-Men Origins: Wolverine (Director: Gavin Hood)
  182. Year One (Director: Harold Ramis)
  183. You Are Not The Father! (Director: Gerron DelValle)
  1. (Untitled) (Director: Jonathan Parker)
  2. 21 + a Wake Up (Director: Chris McIntyre)
  3. 31 North 62 East (Director: Tristan Loraine)
  4. 44 Inch Chest (Director: Malcolm Venville)
  5. A Heavenly Vintage (Director: Niki Caro)
  6. A Perfect Getaway (Director: David Twohy)
  7. A Prophet (Director: Jacques Audiard)
  8. A Single Man (Director: Tom Ford)
  9. A Vampire’s Tale (Director: Drew Cullingham)
  10. A Woman, A Gun + A Noodle Shop (Director: Yimou Zhang)
  11. Accidents Happen (Director: Andrew Lancaster)
  12. Across The Hall (Director: Alex Merkin)
  13. Adopted (Director: Pauly Shore)
  14. Adventureland (Director: Greg Mottola)
  15. After.Life (Director: Agnieszka Wojtowicz-Vosloo)
  16. Against The Current (Director: Peter Callahan)
  17. Agora (Director: Alejandro Amenábar)
  18. Albino Farm (Director: Joe Anderson)
  19. All American Orgy (Director: Andrew Drazek)
  20. Alpha Males Experiment (Knuckle Draggers) (Director: Alex Ranarivelo)
  21. Amar (Director: Jorge Ramírez Suárez)
  22. Amar a morir (Director: Fernando Lebrija)
  23. American Cowslip (Director: Mark David)
  24. American Virgin (Director: Clare Kilner)
  25. Angel Of Death (Director: Paul Etheredge)
  26. Anytown (Director: Dave Rodriguez)
  27. Applause (Director: Martin Zandvliet)
  28. April Showers (Director: Andrew Robinson)
  29. Assault Of The Sasquatch (Director: Andrew Gernhard)
  30. Attack On Darfur (Director: Uwe Boll)
  31. Autumn (Director: Steven Rumbelow)
  32. Away We Go (Director: Sam Mendes)
  33. Baby On Board (Director: Brian Herzlinger)
  34. Bad Lieutenant: Port Of Call - New Orleans (Director: Werner Herzog)
  35. Baja Beach Bums (Director: Patrick Healy)
  36. Balls Out: Gary The Tennis Coach (Director: Danny Leiner)
  37. Bangkok Adrenaline (Director: Raimund Huber)
  38. Bazookas: The Movie (Director: Michael G. Leonard)
  39. Beautiful (Director: Dean O’Flaherty)
  40. Beautiful Kate (Director: Rachel Ward)
  41. Beauty + The Beast (Director: David Lister)
  42. Behaving Badly (Director: Juan Drago)
  43. Big Fan (Director: Robert D. Siegel)
  44. Bitch Slap (Director: Rick Jacobson)
  45. Black (Director: Pierre Laffargue)
  46. Black Dynamite (Director: Scott Sanders)
  47. Blackface Killer (Director: Michael Fredianelli)
  48. Bled (Director: Christopher Hutson)
  49. Blood Creek (Director: Joel Schumacher)
  50. Blood Night: The Legend Of Mary Hatchet (Director: Frank Sabatella)
  51. Blood + Bone (Director: Ben Ramsey)
  52. Blood: The Last Vampire (Director: Chris Nahon)
  53. Bob Funk (Director: Craig Carlisle)
  54. Boogie Woogie (Director: Duncan Ward)
  55. Book Of Blood (Director: John Harrison)
  56. Breaking Point (Director: Jeff Celentano)
  57. Broken Embraces (Director: Pedro Almodóvar)
  58. Brooklyn’s Finest (Director: Antoine Fuqua)
  59. Brother’s War (Director: Jerry Buteyn)
  60. Brotherhood (Director: Nicolo Donato)
  61. Brothers (Director: Jim Sheridan)
  62. Brüno (Director: Larry Charles)
  63. Cabin Fever II: Spring Fever (Director: Ti West)
  64. Calvin Marshall (Director: Gary Lundgren)
  65. Case 39 (Director: Christian Alvart)
  66. Chain Letter (Director: Deon Taylor)
  67. Chaw (Director: Jeong-won Shin)
  68. Chicago Overcoat (Director: Brian Caunter)
  69. Chloe (Director: Atom Egoyan)
  70. Chéri (Director: Stephen Frears)
  71. City Of Life + Death (Director: Chuan Lu)
  72. Clash (Director: Thanh Son Le)
  73. Coco Chanel + Igor Stravinsky (Director: Jan Kounen)
  74. Cold Storage (Director: Tony Elwood)
  75. Command Performance (Director: Dolph Lundgren)
  76. Cornered! (Director: Daniel Maze)
  77. Cracks (Director: Jordan Scott)
  78. Crank: High Voltage (Directors: Mark Neveldine + Brian Taylor)
  79. Crazy Heart (Director: Scott Cooper)
  80. Creature Of Darkness (Director: Mark Stouffer)
  81. Crimes Of The Past (Director: Garrett Bennett)
  82. Crossing Over (Director: Wayne Kramer)
  83. Crush (Directors: Jeffrey Gerritsen + John V. Soto)
  84. Crush (Director: Michelle Fridley)
  85. Cyber Ninja (Director: James Arnett)
  86. Damage (Director: Jeff King)
  87. Damned By Dawn (Director: Brett Anstey)
  88. Dare (Director: Adam Salky)
  89. Dark Country (Director: Thomas Jane)
  90. Dark Fields (Director: Douglas Schulze)
  91. Dark Frontier (Director: Kriv Stenders)
  92. Dark House (Director: Darin Scott)
  93. Dark Moon Rising (Director: Dana Mennie)
  94. Daybreakers (Directors: Michael Spierig + Peter Spierig)
  95. Dead Man Running (Director: Alex De Rakoff)
  96. Deadland (Director: Damon O’Steen)
  97. Deadline (Director: Sean McConville)
  98. Death Warrior (Director: Bill Corcoran)
  99. Deep In The Valley (Director: Christian Forte)
  100. Defendor (Director: Peter Stebbings)
  101. Desert Flower (Director: Sherry Hormann)
  102. Diagnosis: Death (Director: Jason Stutter)
  103. Direct Contact (Director: Danny Lerner)
  104. Dismal (Director: Gary King)
  105. District 13: Ultimatum (Director: Patrick Alessandrin)
  106. District 9 (Director: Neill Blomkamp)
  107. Dolan’s Cadillac (Director: Jeff Beesley)
  108. Don McKay (Director: Jake Goldberger)
  109. Don’t Let Me Down (Director: Cruz Angeles)
  110. Don’t Look Up (Director: Fruit Chan)
  111. Dorian Gray (Director: Oliver Parker)
  112. Double Identity (Director: Dennis Dimster)
  113. Down Terrace (Director: Ben Wheatley)
  114. Down For Life (Director: Alan Jacobs)
  115. Dread (Director: Anthony DiBlasi)
  116. Drifter: Henry Lee Lucas (Director: Michael Feifer)
  117. Elsewhere (Director: Nathan Hope)
  118. End Game (Director: Bruce Koehler)
  119. Endless Bummer (Director: Sam Pillsbury)
  120. Evil Things (Director: Dominic Perez)
  121. Extract (Director: Mike Judge)
  122. Eyeborgs (Director: Richard Clabaugh)
  123. Eyes Of The Woods (Directors: Darrin Reed, F. Miguel Valenti + Mark Villalobos)
  124. Falling Awake (Director: Agustin)
  125. Fatal Secrets (Director: Meir Sharony)
  126. Finding Bliss (Director: Julie Davis)
  127. Fireball (Director: Thanakorn Pongsuwan)
  128. Five Minutes Of Heaven (Director: Oliver Hirschbiegel)
  129. Force Of Five (Director: Krissanapong Rachata)
  130. Forget Me Not (Director: Tyler Oliver)
  131. Formosa Betrayed (Director: Adam Kane)
  132. Four Boxes (Director: Wyatt McDill)
  133. Frankenhood (Director: Blaxwell Smart)
  134. Frat Party (Director: Robert Bennett)
  135. Friday The 13th (Director: Marcus Nispel)
  136. Frozen Kiss (Director: Harry Bromley Davenport)
  137. Funny People (Director: Judd Apatow)
  138. Fury (Director: Liz Lehmann)
  139. Gamer (Directors: Mark Neveldine + Brian Taylor)
  140. Ghost Machine (Director: Chris Hartwill)
  141. Ghost Month (Director: Danny Draven)
  142. Giallo (Director: Dario Argento)
  143. Give ‘em Hell Malone (Director: Russell Mulcahy)
  144. Glorious 39 (Director: Stephen Poliakoff)
  145. Good Guys Finish Last (Director: Riley Wood)
  146. Grace (Director: Paul Solet)
  147. Halloween II (Director: Rob Zombie)
  148. Handsome Harry (Director: Bette Gordon)
  149. Happy Tears (Director: Mitchell Lichtenstein)
  150. Hard Times (Director: Tom Reeve)
  151. Hardwired (Director: Ernie Barbarash)
  152. Harry Brown (Director: Daniel Barber)
  153. Heavy Weight On The Block (Director: F. Terrell Johnson)
  154. Helen (Director: Sandra Nettelbeck)
  155. Hellbinders (Directors: Mitch Gould, Hiro Koda + David Wald)
  156. Heroes (Director: Malcolm Brooks)
  157. Hidden (Director: Pål Øie)
  158. Hierarchy (Director: Michael Fredianelli)
  159. High Life (Director: Gary Yates)
  160. Homecoming (Director: Morgan J. Freeman)
  161. Horsemen (Director: Jonas Åkerlund)
  162. House Broken (Director: Sam Harper)
  163. Humpday (Director: Lynn Shelton)
  164. Hunger (Director: Steven Hentges)
  165. Hurt (Director: Barbara Stepansky)
  166. I Am Love (Director: Luca Guadagnino)
  167. I Do...I Did! (Director: J. Jesses Smith)
  168. I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell (Director: Bob Gosse)
  169. I Love You Phillip Morris (Directors: Glenn Ficarra + John Requa)
  170. I Love You Too (Director: Nerlin Stfleur)
  171. I Love You, Man (Director: John Hamburg)
  172. Ibrahim Labyad (Director: Marwan Hamed)
  173. Ikenhisu: To Kill With One Blow (Director: La’Mard J. WIngster)
  174. Immortally Yours (Director: Joe Tornatore)
  175. In Her Skin (Director: Simone North)
  176. In The Electric Mist (Director: Bertrand Tavernier)
  177. In The Eyes Of A Killer (Director: Louis Mandylor)
  178. InSearchOf (Director: Zeke Zelker)
  179. Infestation (Director: Kyle Rankin)
  180. Ingenious (Director: Jeff Balsmeyer)
  181. Inglourious Basterds (Director: Quentin Tarantino)
  182. Into Temptation (Director: Patrick Coyle)
  183. It’s Complicated (Director: Nancy Meyers)
  184. Jarring (Director: Ivo Raza)
  185. Jennifer’s Body (Director: Karyn Kusama)
  186. Johnny Boy (Directors: Mickey Reece + James Paulsgrove)
  187. Jordan Saffron: Taste This! (Director: Sergio Myers)
  188. Just Another Day (Director: Peter Spirer)
  189. Kicking The Dog (Director: Randy Scooter Lammey)
  190. Kill Peter, Pay Paul (Directors: Kenny Foster + Dustin S. Massie)
  191. Kill Theory (Director: Chris Moore)
  192. Killer View (Director: Brian James O’Connell)
  193. Knife Edge (Director: Anthony Hickox)
  194. Know Thy Enemy (Director: Lee Cipolla)
  195. La Linea (The Line) (Director: James Cotton)
  196. La Mission (Director: Peter Bratt)
  197. La soga (Director: Josh Crook)
  198. Laid To Rest (Director: Robert Hall)
  199. Last Day Of Summer (Director: Vlad Yudin)
  200. Law Abiding Citizen (Director: F. Gary Gray)
  201. Leaves Of Grass (Director: Tim Blake Nelson)
  202. Lebanon (Director: Samuel Maoz)
  203. Legend Of The Bog (Director: Brendan Foley)
  204. Lies + Illusions (Director: Tibor Takács)
  205. Life During Wartime (Director: Todd Solondz)
  206. Life Is Hot In Cracktown (Director: Buddy Giovinazzo)
  207. Little Fish, Strange Pond (Director: Gregory Dark)
  208. Little New York (Director: James DeMonaco)
  209. Lofty Intentions (Director: Gerard Jamroz)
  210. Lost Angels (Director: Justin Voskian)
  211. Love Conquers Paul (Director: Colin Bannon)
  212. Love And Other Impossible Pursuits (Director: Don Roos)
  213. Love At First Hiccup (Director: Barbara Topsøe-Rothenborg)
  214. Loyalty The Movie (Director: Samuel Wheeler III)
  215. Lynch Mob (Director: Byron Conrad Erwin)
  216. Malice In Wonderland (Director: Simon Fellows)
  217. Mandrill (Director: Ernesto Díaz Espinoza)
  218. Maneater (Director: Michael Emanuel)
  219. Manson: My Name Is Evil (Director: Reginald Harkema)
  220. Map Of The Sounds Of Tokyo (Director: Isabel Coixet)
  221. Merantau (Director: Gareth Evans)
  222. Mercy (Director: Patrick Hoelck)
  223. Micmacs (Director: Jean-Pierre Jeunet)
  224. Middle Men (Director: George Gallo)
  225. Midgets vs. Mascots (Director: Ron Carlson)
  226. Miss March (Directors: Zach Cregger + Trevor Moore)
  227. Moon (Director: Duncan Jones)
  228. Mortal Sin (Director: David Von Roehm)
  229. Mother (Director: Bong Joon Ho)
  230. Mother + Child (Director: Rodrigo Garcia)
  231. Mr. Nobody (Director: Jaco Van Dormael)
  232. Mutants (Director: David Morlet)
  233. My Bloody Valentine (in 3-D) (Director: Patrick Lussier)
  234. My Son, My Son, What Have Ye Done? (Director: Werner Herzog)
  235. Mystery Train (Director: Dan Eckman)
  236. Mythical Creatures (Director: Mickey Reece)
  237. Neighbor (Director: Robert A. Masciantonio)
  238. Never Surrender (Director: Hector Echavarria)
  239. New Brooklyn (Director: Christopher Cannucciari)
  240. Next Day Air (Director: Benny Boom)
  241. Night Train (Director: Brian King)
  242. Night Of The Demons (Director: Adam Gierasch)
  243. Ninja (Director: Isaac Florentine)
  244. Ninja Assassin (Director: James McTeigue)
  245. No Boundaries (Directors: Violet Mendoza + Jake Willing)
  246. Not Forgotten (Director: Dror Soref)
  247. Notorious (Director: George Tillman, Jr.)
  248. Nowhere Boy (Director: Sam Taylor-Johnson)
  249. Observe And Report (Director: Jody Hill)
  250. Offspring (Director: Andrew van den Houten)
  251. Open Graves (Director: Álvaro de Armiñán)
  252. Orphan (Director: Jaume Collet-Serra)
  253. Orville (Director: Craig McMahon)
  254. Pandemic (Director: Jason Connery)
  255. Pandorum (Director: Christian Alvart)
  256. Paper Man (Directors: Kieran Mulroney + Michele Mulroney)
  257. Perkins’ 14 (Director: Craig Singer)
  258. Perrier’s Bounty (Director: Ian Fitzgibbon)
  259. Personal Effects (Director: David Hollander)
  260. Pirate Radio (Director: Richard Curtis)
  261. Powder Blue (Director: Timothy Linh Bui)
  262. Precious (Director: Lee Daniels)
  263. Protégé (Directors: Shannon Casto + Michelle Henderson)
  264. Public Enemies (Director: Michael Mann)
  265. Raging Phoenix (Director: Rashane Limtrakul)
  266. Rain Fall (Director: Max Mannix)
  267. Rampage (Director: Uwe Boll)
  268. Ratko: The Dictator’s Son (Directors: Savage Steve Holland + Kevin Speckmaier)
  269. Ready For Not (Director: Sean Doyle)
  270. [rec.] II (Directors: Jaume Balagueró + Paco Plaza)
  271. Red Hook (Director: Elizabeth Lucas)
  272. Red Sands (Director: Alex Turner)
  273. Redemption (Director: Robert Conway)
  274. Revenge: True Story (Director: Berenika Maciejewicz)
  275. Reykjavik Whale Watching Massacre (Director: Júlíus Kemp)
  276. RiffRaff (Director: Justen Naughton)
  277. Robodoc (Director: Stephen Maddocks)
  278. Rough Winds (Director: Andrea Olabarría)
  279. Running On Empty Dreams (Director: Nitara Lee Osbourne)
  280. S. Darko (Director: Chris Fisher)
  281. Saddle Up With Dick Wrangler + Injun Joe (Director: Todd Wolfe)
  282. Saint John Of Las Vegas (Director: Hue Rhodes)
  283. Saving Grace B. Jones (Director: Connie Stevens)
  284. Saw VI (Director: Kevin Greutert)
  285. Serious Moonlight (Director: Cheryl Hines)
  286. Shank (Directors: Simon Pearce + Christian martin)
  287. Shark City (Director: Dan Eisen)
  288. Shattered Focus (Director: Joshua Tolby)
  289. Shinjuku Incident (Director: Tung-Shing Yee)
  290. Shrink (Director: Jonas Pate)
  291. Shroud (Director: David Jetre)
  292. Silent Night, Zombie Night (Director: Sean Cain)
  293. Silent Shame (Director: Juan Frausto)
  294. Sin Nombre (Director: Cary Joji Fukunaga)
  295. Slaughter (Director: Stewart Hopewell)
  296. Slave (Director: Darryn Welch)
  297. Smalltimore (Director: Jeanie M. Clark)
  298. Smile Pretty (Director: Harry Bromley Davenport)
  299. Solitary Man (Directors: Brian Koppelman + David Levien)
  300. Solomon Kane (Director: Michael J. Bassett)
  301. Sorority Row (Director: Stewart Hendler)
  302. Splice (Director: Vincenzo Natali)
  303. Splinterheads (Director: Brant Sersen)
  304. Spooner (Director: Drake Doremus)
  305. Spread (Director: David Mackenzie)
  306. Spring Breakdown (Director: Ryan Shiraki)
  307. Stan Helsing (Director: Bo Zenga)
  308. Stolen (Director: Anders Anderson)
  309. Strangers Online (Director: John Huckert)
  310. Street Boss (Director: Lance Kawas)
  311. Street Dreams (Director: Chris Zamoscianyk)
  312. Streetballers (Director: Matt Krentz)
  313. Stuntmen (Director: Eric Amadio)
  314. Suck (Director: Rob Stefaniuk)
  315. Sugar Boxx (Director: Cody Jarrett)
  316. Summer’s Moon (Director: Lee Demarbre)
  317. Sundo (Director: Topel Lee)
  318. Survival Of The Dead (Director: George A. Romero)
  319. Sutures (Director: Tammi Sutton)
  320. Sway (Director: Sean Ireland)
  321. Sweet Karma (Director: Andrew Thomas Hunt)
  322. Sword Of War (Director: Renzo Martinelli)
  323. Table For Three (Director: Michael Samonek)
  324. Taking Chances (Director: Talmage Cooley)
  325. Taking Woodstock (Director: Ang Lee)
  326. Tanner Hall (Directors: Francesca Gregorini + Tatiana von Furstenberg)
  327. Tell Tale (Director: Michael Cuesta)
  328. Tenderness (Director: John Polson)
  329. Tetro (Director: Francis Ford Coppola)
  330. The 420 Movie (Directors: James Blackburn, Scott Flick, + Robert Nathan Gleason)
  331. The Answer Man (Director: John Hindman)
  332. The Assailant (Director: João Daniel Tikhomiroff)
  333. The Assassin Next Door (Director: Danny Lerner)
  334. The Beacon (Director: Michael Stokes)
  335. The Black Waters Of Echo’s Pond (Director: Gabriel Bologna)
  336. The Bleeding (Director: Charlie Picerni)
  337. The Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day (Director: Troy Duffy)
  338. The Boxer (Director: Thomas Jahn)
  339. The Bridge To Nowhere (Director: Blair Underwood)
  340. The Broken Hearts Club (Director: Angelo Bell)
  341. The Brotherhood V: Alumni (Director: David DeCoteau)
  342. The Buffalo Son (Directors: Colin Davis, Bryan Felber + Sam France)
  343. The Butterfly Effect III: Revelations (Director: Seth Grossman)
  344. The Canyon (Director: Richard Harrah)
  345. The Casino Job (Director: Christopher Robin Hood)
  346. The Collector (Director: Marcus Dunstan)
  347. The Cry Of The Owl (Director: Jamie Thraves)
  348. The Crypt (Director: Craig McMahon)
  349. The Damned United (Director: Tom Hooper)
  350. The Dark Lurking (Director: Gregory Connors)
  351. The Descent: Part II (Director: Jon Harris)
  352. The Devil’s Ground (Director: Michael Bafaro)
  353. The Devil’s Tomb (Director: Jason Connery)
  354. The Director’s Cut (Director: Paul Komadina)
  355. The Disappearance Of Alice Creed (Director: J. Blakeson)
  356. The Donner Party (Director: Terrence Martin)
  357. The Echo Game (Director: Brian Feeney)
  358. The Eclipse (Director: Conor McPherson)
  359. The Fighter (Director: Javier Barbera)
  360. The Final Destination (Director: David R. Ellis)
  361. The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet’s Nest (Director: Daniel Alfredson)
  362. The Girl Who Played With Fire (Director: Daniel Alfredson)
  363. The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (Director: Niels Arden Oplev)
  364. The Girlfriend Experience (Director: Steven Soderbergh)
  365. The Good Guy (Director: Julio DePietro)
  366. The Good Heart (Director: Dagur Kári)
  367. The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard (Director: Neal Brennan)
  368. The Graves (Director: Brian Pulido)
  369. The Greatest (Director: Shana Feste)
  370. The Grudge III (Director: Toby Wilkins)
  371. The Gunslingers (Director: Adam Oxsen)
  372. The Hangover (Director: Todd Phillips)
  373. The Haunting (Director: Elio Quiroga)
  374. The Hiding (Director: Ramon Hamilton)
  375. The Hitmen Diaries: Charlie Valentine (Director: Jesse V. Johnson)
  376. The House Of The Devil (Director: Ti West)
  377. The Human Centipede (First Sequence) (Director: Tom Six)
  378. The Hungry Ghosts (Director: Michael Imperioli)
  379. The Informant! (Director: Steven Soderbergh)
  380. The International (Director: Tom Tykwer)
  381. The Invisible Chronicles (Director: David DeCoteau)
  382. The Janky Promoters (Director: Marcus Raboy)
  383. The Job (Director: Shem Bitterman)
  384. The Joneses (Director: Derrick Borte)
  385. The Keeper (Director: Keoni Waxman)
  386. The Killing Room (Director: Jonathan Liebesman)
  387. The Last House On The Left (Director: Dennis Iliadis)
  388. The Last Resort (Director: Brandon Nutt)
  389. The Last Station (Director: Michael Hoffman)
  390. The Limb Collector (Director: Mark Daniel Foley)
  391. The Limits Of Control (Director: Jim Jarmusch)
  392. The Lodger (Director: David Ondaatje)
  393. The Lost Tribe (Director: Roel Reiné)
  394. The Loved One (Director: Sean Byrne)
  395. The Men Who Stare At Goats (Director: Grant Heslov)
  396. The Messenger (Director: Oren Moverman)
  397. The Ministers (Director: Franc. Reyes)
  398. The Nail: The Story Of Joey Nardone (Director: James Quattrochi)
  399. The Outside (Director: Ari Davis)
  400. The Perfect Age Of Rock ‘n’ Roll (Director: Scott D. Rosenbaum)
  401. The Perfect Sleep (Director: Jeremy Alter)
  402. The Pool Boys (Director: J.B. Rogers)
  403. The Private Lives Of Pippa Lee (Director: Rebecca Miller)
  404. The Rebound (Director: Bart Freundlich)
  405. The Revenant (Director: D. Kerry Prior)
  406. The Road (Director: John Hillcoat)
  407. The Scenesters (Director: Todd Berger)
  408. The Seamstress (Director: Jesse James Miller)
  409. The Secret In Their Eyes (Director: Juan José Campanella)
  410. The Slammin’ Salmon (Director: Kevin Heffernan)
  411. The Steam Experiment (Director: Philippe Martinez)
  412. The Taking Of Pelham 123 (Director: Tony Scott)
  413. The Thaw (Director: Mark A. Lewis)
  414. The Tomb (Director: Michael Staininger)
  415. The Tournament (Director: Scott Mann)
  416. The Truth About Average Guys (Directors: Ken Gayton + Jason W. Schaver)
  417. The Ugly Truth (Director: Robert Luketic)
  418. The Vicious Kind (Director: Lee Toland Krieger)
  419. The Waiting City (Director: Claire McCarthy)
  420. The Way Of War (Director: John Carter)
  421. The White Ribbon (Director: Michael Haneke)
  422. Thick As Thieves (Director: Mimi Leder)
  423. Thirst (Director: Chan-wook Park)
  424. TiMER (Director: Jac Schaeffer)
  425. Tidal Wave (Director: JK Youn)
  426. Today’s Special (Director: David Kaplan)
  427. Tormented (Director: Jon Wright)
  428. Trailer Park Boys: Countdown To Liquor Day (Director: Mike Clattenburg)
  429. Transylmania (Directors: David Hillenbrand + Scott Hillenbrand)
  430. Triage (Director: Danis Tanovic)
  431. Triangle (Director: Christopher Smith)
  432. Tripping Forward (Director: Marcus Nash)
  433. Two (2) Million Stupid Women (Director: Jamie Neese)
  434. Ultimate Heist (Director: Alain Tasma)
  435. Un tigre en la cama (Director: Rafael Montero)
  436. Underworld: Rise Of The Lycans (Director: Patrick Tatopoulos)
  437. Universal Soldier: Regeneration (Director: John Hyams)
  438. Up In The Air (Director: Jason Reitman)
  439. Vampire Killers (Director: Phil Claydon)
  440. Veronika Decides To Die (Director: Emily Young)
  441. Wake (Director: Ellie Kanner)
  442. Wake Wood (Director: David Keating)
  443. Walled In (Director: Gilles Paquet-Brenner)
  444. Watchmen (Director: Zack Snyder)
  445. Weather Girl (Director: Blayne Weaver)
  446. What Goes Up (Director: Jonathan Glatzer)
  447. Whiteout (Director: Dominic Sena)
  448. Wild Cherry (Director: Dana Lustig)
  449. Winter Of Frozen Dreams (Director: Eric Mandelbaum)
  450. Within (Director: Hanelle M. Culpepper)
  451. Within (Director: Marco Duran)
  452. Women In Trouble (Director: Sebastian Gutierrez)
  453. Wonderful World (Director: Joshua Goldin)
  454. Words Unspoken (Director: Ingeborg C. Eiland)
  455. World’s Greatest Dad (Director: Bob Goldthwait)
  456. Wrong Turn At Tahoe (Director: Franck Khalfoun)
  457. You Might As Well Live (Director: Simon Ennis)
  458. Youth In Revolt (Director: Miguel Arteta)
  459. ZMD: Zombies Of Mass Destruction (Director: Kevin Hamedani)
  460. Zombie Women Of Satan (Directors: Steve O’Brien + Warren Speed)
  461. Zombieland (Director: Ruben Fleischer)
  462. Zone Of The Dead (Directors: Milan Konjevic + Milan Todorovic)
  1. Easier With Practice (Director: Kyle Patrick Alvarez)
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Il video completo del singolo di Hannah Montana 'Let's get crazy'. Il film è disponibile in digital download su iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/it/movie/han... A rare next bumper that aired before Hannah Montana and Kim Possible in 2006. It's rare as these shows didn't air next to each other very often. Hannah Montana Naughty Tape? Kim Kardashian Burping PSA! Category Film & Animation; Show more Show less. Loading... Autoplay When autoplay is enabled, a suggested video will automatically play next. I GOT BORED AGAIN GUYS ENJOY :) Category People & Blogs; Song The Best Of Both Worlds (Vocal) Artist Kim wants to be a singer but still have her usual life. Kim is the one that is singing this song with her band Rufus and the girls from Ron´s song Naked mole rap. Provided to YouTube by Universal Music Group Pumpin' Up The Party (From 'Hannah Montana'/Soundtrack Version) · Hannah Montana Hannah Montana ℗ 2006 Walt Disn... Nobody's Perfect Lyrics hej Dette er en video hvor hannah synger kim Possible sangen p.s. jeg har taget hanna montana klip og sat det sammen med sangen fra kim possible! sang: Kim Possible(dansk) Hannah Montana Stars Real Name, Age & Real Life Partners 2018 https://youtu.be/Wu5aER472nE Hannah Montana is one of the famous and the most popular Disney se...